Rhino PMS-300 Process Monitoring System

The PMS-300 Process Monitoring System is a modular 19'' rack-based system designed for the protection & monitoring of rotating machines. In its 3HU version, 1 slot is available for the reference module card PMS-340, 8 slots for the 4-channel processing module cards PMS-314 & relays controller PMS-330/PMS-331. The system is also available in 6HU if additional channels and/or redundant power supply are required. BNC terminals are available on the front for external analysis. continue reading →

Partial Discharge Solutions For Rotating Machines

Partial Discharge Solutions For Rotating MachinesSensors:
– Coupling Capacitors
– HF CT‘sCalibrators:
– Partial Discharge Calibrators

Permanent Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems:
– General Specifications
– TMS-5041 – 4 Channel, Lightweight PD Monitoring System
– TMS-5141 – 4 Channel, Expert PD Monitoring System
– TMS-5F41 – 8, 12 or 16 Channel Expert Monitoring System

Portable Partial Discharge Analyzer:
- TMS-6141 – 4 Channel Portable PD Analyzer

Process Monitoring Module PMM-300

Process Monitoring Module PMM-300The PMM-300 Process Monitoring Module has been especially designed for monitoring of small machines. The system offers one Keyphazor and 4 sensor inputs. The integrated BNC Terminals allows to provide raw signal for external analysis.

Various embedded Software applications are available for the PMM-300 for protection and monitoring of the following parameters

  • Relative Shaft Vibration Monitoring
  • Absolute Bearing Vibration Monitoring
  • Endwinding Vibration monitorng
  • Structural Vibration Monitoring
  • Airgap Monitoring

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Water Gap Sensors

Runner Clearance Probe RCP-008Displacement probe is used for noncontact measurements of turbine runnner clearance of large Francis or Kaplan turbines.

The high performance casing probe material allows sealed mounting of the eddy current probe into the turbine throat ring and ensure interchangeability.
The entire signal processing is built-in in the sensor body.

The voltage output is directly proportional to the measured distance between the metallic target (turbine blades for Kaplan turbine or labyrinthe clearance for Francis turbine ) and the sensor face.

Single Axis Magnetic Field Transducer Sensor

Single Axis Magnetic Field Transducer SensorSingle Axis Magnetic Field Transducer YR100F-2-5

The Model YR100F-2-5 is a single-axis, high accuracy, high linearity, high stability magnetic field to analog voltage transducer.

It is particularly appropriate for mapping the magnetic field in the range to 2 Tesla.
The magnetic field sensor’s head contains a high quality Hall element.

The very thin sensor’s head design allows mounting in the air gap of generators and electrical motors.

Air Gap Transmitter Sensor

Air Gap TransducerNon contacting sensors for Air Gap measurements from 2-65mm Rotating Air Gap for complete Stator shape analysis.

Electrodynamic Velocity Sensor

Electrodynamic Velocity SensorThe LVS sensors operate in accordance with the electrodynamic principle and are used for measuring the bearing absolute vibration of the machines.

The sensing element of the sensor is a coil supporting by high precision springs moving around a permanent magnet which produces a voltage directly proportional to the vibration velocity.

By design, the sensor has an excellent sensitivity and linearity down to very low vibration levels.

Procecess Monitoring System

Procecess Monitoring System - PMS 100Procecess Monitoring System - PMS 100

This new device provides a global solution for vibration monitoring and process monitoring in one system. Small and large applications can be realised by interconnecting Master and Slave units each equipped with one or two I/O modules which can be freely combined. Up to 48 slaves with similar housing design can be connected to a Master device via CANbus. continue reading →

Piezoelectic Velocity Sensor

Piezoelectric Velocity SensorPiezoelectic Velocity Sensor - PVS133 with Side exit

The hermetic sealed industrial piezovelocity transducer PVS-113 is designed to monitor the vibration in harsh industrial environment.

It uses the industry standard ©ICP 2-wire voltage transmission technique with a 4 mA standard constant current supply.

Signal ground is isolated from the mounting surface and outer case to prevent ground loops. Faraday shielding will limit sensitivity to EMC to a minimum.

Vibration Processing Module

Vibration Processing ModuleVibration Processing Module - VPM100

This module has been designed to be used with the FAS-106/110 Fiberoptic Acceleration Sensors for end windings vibration monitoring.

The module process the vibration raw signal to extract the following vibration components:

  • Broadband amplitude
  • 50 (60) Hz narrowband amplitude
  • 100 (120) Hz narrowband amplitude

The amplitude of the three signals are further processed to provide three 4 to 20 mA signal fro transmission to the plant SCADA for amplitude monitoring, trend analysis and display.