Smart Insulation Monitoring

Smart Insulation Monitoring

InsuLogix® H Hydrogen Monitor

InsuLogix® H Hydrogen MonitorA simple but high-tech online monitor designed to protect your transformers.

Proven and Accurate Technology
The InsuLogix® H Hydrogen Monitor incorporates patented micro-chip and coating technologies onto the palladiumnickel sensor, allowing it to directly contact the oil without membranes, filters, or other gas extraction means. It measures Hydrogen in oil or gas phases. continue reading →

Sample Saver Syringes

High Quality Matched Oil Sampling Syringes

Syringes Description continue reading →

Labaratory Services-Main Labaratory-High Voltage Labaratory

LABARATORY SERVICES - MAIN LABARATORYThe main and high voltage laboratories are specialized service centers within

Among their tasks:
– Acceptance inspection of raw material
– Process control
– Product development tests
– Failure analysis
– Research and development

Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, tests can be performed utilizing the current standards for insulation materials and components, or in accordance with customer specifications. The test specimens can be manufactured in our own workshop. continue reading →

On-Site Measurements-Power Quality and Transients

ON-SITE MEASUREMENTS - POWER QUALITY AND TRANSIENTSUsing state-of-the-art equipment, power quality measurements can be performed in accordance with current standards (IEC 61000-4-30, EN 50160, IEEE std 519, etc.).

Key features:
– Voltage and current harmonics
– Interharmonics
– Flicker
– Voltage unbalance
– Rapid voltage changes
– Frequency
– Voltage Sags and Dips continue reading →

Power System Studies-System Response Analysis

POWER SYSTEM STUDIES - SYSTEM RESPONSE ANALYSISWEIDMANN can support you in power system studies for assessing network behavior, to increase the reliability of your plant, to investigate a failure and to develop mitigation actions.

Our experts use high-end analysis software tools for applications in transmission, distribution, generation, industrial and railway systems, wind power and Smart Grids. continue reading →

Electromagnetic Services-Dielectric Studies

ELECTROMAGNETIC SERVICES - DIELECTRIC STUDIESWEIDMANN Technology Services, with their experts, assist you in the field of power transformer insulation and other high voltage equipment regarding:
– Insulation design review
– Transient voltage distribution
– Frequency Response Analysis (IFRA-SFRA) modeling and measurement interpretation
– Frequency Dependent Spectroscopy (FDS-DFR-RVM) modeling and measurement interpretation

In order to give you quick and reliable results, we are operating modern FEM tools with powerful pre- and post-processing. Using these state-of-the-art 2D and 3D software tools, we can support you in designing the optimum insulation at the lowest costs. continue reading →

Electromagnetic Services, Magnetic-Thermal Studies

ELECTROMAGNETIC SERVICES, MAGNETIC-THERMAL STUDIESWEIDMANN’s range of Technology Services includes 2D and 3D calculations of electromagnetic and thermal fields of electromagnetic apparatus. Using up-to-date software and hardware, WEIDMANN can support you in your design process, calculating the effect of non-linear loads, e.g. rectifiers, converters, SVC, arc furnace.

Losses and impedances
– With/ Without harmonic currents of windings (including foil type) in transformers and reactors (also with complex circuit arrangements like extended delta and zig-zag)
– Bus bar arrangements 3D
– Tanks 3D continue reading →

InsuLogix® D Dielectric Monitor

Providing actionable information for your fluid-filled equipment

The InsuLogix® D uses a non-destructive breakdown method to provide real-time online oil dielectric monitoring. Unique electrode arrangement and a nano-second pulse limit the energy released during a breakdown to micro joule levels.

The InsuLogix® D is engineered to prevent any breakdown from occurring in good quality oil, and designed to limit the energy released during a breakdown event. This allows the InsuLogix® D to be operated in live equipment without degrading the oil quality. continue reading →

InsuLogix® T – Thermal Management Solutions

Fiber Optic Winding Hot Spot Temperature Monitor

The WEIDMANN thermal monitor and controller are designed to measure transformer winding hot spots in real time and activate control of the cooling system. This allows for optimum operation of the transformer at safe load capacity during normal and emergency conditions. It is based on Luxtron WTS22 technology, which is considered worldwide as the industry standard for fi ber optic power transformer winding temperature monitoring and control. continue reading →