Electromagnetic Services-Dielectric Studies

ELECTROMAGNETIC SERVICES - DIELECTRIC STUDIESWEIDMANN Technology Services, with their experts, assist you in the field of power transformer insulation and other high voltage equipment regarding:
– Insulation design review
– Transient voltage distribution
– Frequency Response Analysis (IFRA-SFRA) modeling and measurement interpretation
– Frequency Dependent Spectroscopy (FDS-DFR-RVM) modeling and measurement interpretation

In order to give you quick and reliable results, we are operating modern FEM tools with powerful pre- and post-processing. Using these state-of-the-art 2D and 3D software tools, we can support you in designing the optimum insulation at the lowest costs.

We are specialized in the calculation of:
– Transient voltage distribution of power transformer windings
– The time and frequency domain to better fit the customer’s need for nonlinear devices, or frequency dependent parameter
– Complex integrated models including bushings and leads exist for very fast transient overvoltages.

In addition to AC problems, we solve and analyze transients and polarity reversal fields for HVDC applications. The WEIDMANN engineers use their insulation knowledge and experience in transformer technology.