Electromagnetic Services, Magnetic-Thermal Studies

ELECTROMAGNETIC SERVICES, MAGNETIC-THERMAL STUDIESWEIDMANN’s range of Technology Services includes 2D and 3D calculations of electromagnetic and thermal fields of electromagnetic apparatus. Using up-to-date software and hardware, WEIDMANN can support you in your design process, calculating the effect of non-linear loads, e.g. rectifiers, converters, SVC, arc furnace.

Losses and impedances
– With/ Without harmonic currents of windings (including foil type) in transformers and reactors (also with complex circuit arrangements like extended delta and zig-zag)
– Bus bar arrangements 3D
– Tanks 3D

Short circuit or energization forces
on windings – clamping structures – bus bars.

Current distributions
in high current windings as occur in industrial applications (arc furnace AC and DC, rectifiers).
3D analysis of electromagnetic shields and magnetic shunts as used to reduce losses in the tank and/or the clamping structure.

Temperature distribution
3D of tanks and/or clamping structures with determination of hot spot due to losses induced by stray magnetic fluxes.

Training courses
We provide advanced and customized training courses on transformers: insulation principles, impedance and losses calculation, short-circuit withstand, etc.