InsuLogix® H Hydrogen Monitor

InsuLogix® H Hydrogen MonitorA simple but high-tech online monitor designed to protect your transformers.

Proven and Accurate Technology
The InsuLogix® H Hydrogen Monitor incorporates patented micro-chip and coating technologies onto the palladiumnickel sensor, allowing it to directly contact the oil without membranes, filters, or other gas extraction means. It measures Hydrogen in oil or gas phases.

• Quickly detects and alerts rising hydrogen levels
• Responds to utilities’ demand for an economically priced H2 monitor
• Easy field installation, low maintenance, and durability mean the lowest total ownership cost for fault gas monitoring
• Simple set-up and operation
• Low total cost of ownership allows for mass deployment

• Micro-chip technology using palladium-nickel alloy
• Advanced proprietary coating
• Robust and tested technology platform
• Maintenance-free, no consumables, no moving parts
• No membranes or filters
• 4-20mA output, three alarm relays, serial communication, MODBUS, data recording, DNP3