InsuLogix® T – Thermal Management Solutions

Fiber Optic Winding Hot Spot Temperature Monitor

The WEIDMANN thermal monitor and controller are designed to measure transformer winding hot spots in real time and activate control of the cooling system. This allows for optimum operation of the transformer at safe load capacity during normal and emergency conditions. It is based on Luxtron WTS22 technology, which is considered worldwide as the industry standard for fi ber optic power transformer winding temperature monitoring and control.

Power transformers often take the brunt of an overload condition and are the most likely to be damaged without proper control and protection. The drift-free, calibration-free nature inherent in our technology makes the WEIDMANN thermal controller ideally suited for use in transformers. The InsuLogix® T Thermal controller is designed for small, medium, and large power transformers.

WEIDMANN offers the additional capability of controlling the cooling system (fans and pumps) and activating protective trips with real time measurements originating at the transformer winding. Unlike conventional top oil temperature measurements, which can lag hours behind in response time, fi ber optics provide direct, real-time accurate measurements of the transformer winding suitable for dynamic load control or as a valuable input to calibrate thermal models.

Also included are six Form-C programmable relays that meet 3000V surge protection requirements (IEEE C37.90.11989). The InsuLogix® T system, including WEIDMANN Certifi ed SmartSpacer®, provides the most comprehensive system in the market for winding hot spot measurements and protection and control of transformer auxiliary systems. With more than 25 years of fi ber optic experience, these temperature measurement systems are considered to be the industry leader. This experience is incorporated into the design of the WEIDMANN Thermal Management Solution.

• Temperature Data Storage
• Choice of 2, 4, 6, or 8 Measurement Channels
• Programmable Setpoints and Relays have Individual LED Alarm Indicators
• System Fault Relay and Status Indicator
• Solid State LED Light Source (No Lamp Replacement)
• 3000V Surge Protection (IEEE C37.90.11989)
• Ring Lug Connectors for External Electrical Connections
• New PTFE Tefl on® Jacketed Quality Probes
• Both Rugged and Quality Probes are Immune to RF and EMI
• No Drift, No Calibration Required
• Light source does not degrade and lasts the life of the transformer
• Modbus and DNP3 Protocol options available