Monitoring and Measurement Simulator

The PMM-300 Monitoring System for Rotaring Machines. Process Monitoring Module has been especially designed for monitoring of small machines. The system offers one Keyphazor and 4 sensor inputs. The integrated BNC Terminals allows to provide raw signal for external analysis.

Monitoring and Measurement SimulatorVarious embedded Software applications are available for the PMM-300 for protection and monitoring of the following parameters

  • Relative Shaft Vibration Monitoring
  • Absolute Bearing Vibration Monitoring
  • Endwinding Vibration monitorng
  • Structural Vibration Monitoring
  • Airgap Monitoring
  • Balancing
  • Rotor Flux Monitoring

Monitoring and Measurement SimulatorOne 4-20mA current loop output per channel, common Relays outputs as well as Modbus communication interface allows an easy integration into existing control systems. Integrated and cost effective protection & monitoring module.


Monitoring and Measurement SimulatorPMM 300 FEATURES :

  • 4x Sensors connection
  • 4x 4-20mA output, static
  • Relay contacts
  • Interconecction bus modbus RTU
  • 1x Keyphazor & digital input
  • Ethernet 100Mbit/s to communicate with CMS 500 software
  • Individual 24V digital output for alert and danger per channel for external relays