ORANGE MONITORING SYSTEM is highly specialized innovative high-technology and independent company supplying testing, diagnostic, monitoring and maintenance equipments for Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power Systems.

Our strong background and extensive site experience during working with GIS Manufacturer and Service Centre of GIS, Monitoring Technologies, High Voltage Apparatus and High Voltage Testing manufacturer, base in France, Switzerland and Germany enables our company to offer updating technologies, independent and comprehensive of Equipments and Services.

Commitment supporting from our relationship with expertise and the founder of PRPD technic for partial discharge and others experts in their field that are active in CIGRE, IEEE and other International forum distinguish our company not only as supplier indeed we provide expertise, data interpretation, reporting, consultancy service, training and independent comprehensive investigation.

Our aim to be your preference and reliable partner in Supplying Maintenance Diagnostic, Monitoring Equipments and Service Provider.

Starting in 2013 ORANGE - Monitoring pioneering measurement services of high voltage insulation, partial discharges, with high  expectation and improve reliability of electricity throughout the archipelago.

High technology is supported by experts from abroad, which also supply high quality  equipment, Orangetama Monitorindo (ORANGE - Monitoring) with a confident attempt to improve electricity services in Indonesia.

ORANGE - Monitoring specialization also supported by company Sparks Instruments, MC  Monitoring SA & as authorized sales and supervisor. Also have full support from a specialized in transformers isolation, example Weidmann, adding a full service of ORANGE - Monitoring.

To become a leading of monitoring, services and maintenance in electrical.

Achieving a best performance in electrical service.