Rhino PMS-300 Process Monitoring System

The PMS-300 Process Monitoring System is a modular 19'' rack-based system designed for the protection & monitoring of rotating machines. In its 3HU version, 1 slot is available for the reference module card PMS-340, 8 slots for the 4-channel processing module cards PMS-314 & relays controller PMS-330/PMS-331. The system is also available in 6HU if additional channels and/or redundant power supply are required. BNC terminals are available on the front for external analysis.

The reference signal card PMS-340 acquires and distributes common information to/from all PMS-314 on the rack. Such information is typically: reference signals (2 channels), modeOTP selection and digital monitoring parameters via modbus.

For each channel, the Processing Modules System PMS-314 provides analogue (4..20mA) and digital output (alarm, danger, sensor ok, system ok) based on calculated parameters and alarm settings.
Ethernet interface is also available for configuration and communication to realtime and CMS-500 software packages. The relay controllers PMS-330/PMS-331 allow relays configuration by logical combination and transferral of operating parameters to CMS-500 (via analogue inputs or modbus interface).

- Modular 19'' rack-based protection & monitoring system
- Up to 32 channels/3HU extendable to 64 channels/6HU
- 2-channels for reference signals
- Predefined acquisition modes
- Multiple sensor type input
- Individual Alert and Danger threshold settings
- Built-in interface (4..20mA, modbus RTU, relays, BNC,…)
- Connection to CMS-500 software