TMS-5141 | Sparks Instruments


The TMS-5141 is a four channel partial discharge trending system with a true color LCD display
Showing all the necessary information for the commissioning and surveillance of high voltage equipment.

The noise gating channel and variable LP Filter allows to separate noise from the pd signals.

The TMS-5141 shows actual partial discharge level for every individial channel (phase) on a bargraph, Realtime Partial Discharge Activities in Oscilloscope View as well as a colorised phase resolved partial discharge pattern.

The touch functionality of the LCD display allows to parametrise, store and visualise the partial discharge signals without the use of any computer.
Optionally a computer can be connected through the build in Ethernet Interface to store permanently measured results.

Eight optional 4-20mA input channels allows to record machine operation conditions as MW, MVA, temperatures etc. together with the partial discharge signals. The optional Modbus RTU interface allows an easy integration into the exisiting SCADA/DCS system. Individual 4-20mA and relay outputs per channel are available.

This make the TMS-5141 the ideal cost effective partial discharge monitoring system for permanent installation with permanent data recording.